P5.js Demo

Unpainted Substrate in P5.js

TalkCoffeeTo.me's Timer

Making better time

Linear Clock

A simple version of James Wilson's clock

AI Art

A resource for generating art with AI

1:1 Questions

What to ask in one-on-ones

Generative Art

Making generative art with Golang

Learning Golang, with a demo

Learned me some golang

Intermittent Slowness

A short debugging adventure. Spoilers: DNS.

Automatic Dark Mode

Simple prefers-color-scheme dark mode

SRE Calculations

SLO and Error Rate calculators

Curl's --connect-to

Neat feature of curl

Kanban Training

Notes from a Kanban training


Favorite recipes

Disaster Recovery: RTO and RPO

Basic Disaster Recovery terms

Paged by nf_conntrack?

Discovering and debugging nf_conntrack

Butterick's Practical Typography

An amazing source to learn some typography

Docker and Puppet: Firewall Contention

Spoiler, overriding configurations

Parsing JSON With Elm

Elm is neat, isn't it?

Code Points

Character encodings...

Keyboard Layouts

My ideal layout