March 14, 2020 - May 29, 2020

Cooking is one of my favorite pastimes. I’ve been spending an ever-increasing amount of time cooking ever since my wife was pregnant, but it has always been something I’ve enjoyed. I used to post recipes and reviews of beer bread, and I should pick that up again. In the meantime, I want to share some of my more favorite recipes and any tweaks I make to them. Check back often as I’ll update this list regularly. Enjoy!



Fluffy Fluffy Pancakes is an absolutely amazing pancake recipe. The tips for fluffier pancakes are right on, especially the one on stale baking powder. I use this recipe almost as-is, but I’ve also had success using whipping cream and not using any oil when cooking them on a non-stick griddle.



The Best Cheesecake provided one of the easiest and best cheesecake recipes I’ve tried. Take the slow cool down seriously or else it’ll crack like mine.

Eggless Cookie Dough for Two is great when I want a quick indulgence, though I usually halve it.


Marshmallows is a simple yet great recipe for homemade marshmallows that toast up so very very well. I’ve made this in full and half batches with great success. I think it comes out a little too sweet, so the next time I make them I’ll be experimenting with less sugar and possibly honey instead of corn syrup.


Cajun Style Blackened Snapper

Cajun Style Blackened Snapper is a delicious recipe. The suggested spice mix is really good. The only tweaks I have had to make are reducing the amount of butter used as 1 1/2 cups is a lot of butter, and cooking the fillets a little longer than what’s recommended. The snapper I generally get is a bit thicker than what the author seems to get.


Fries, Oven

Crispy Oven Fries has worked great the couple of times I’ve tried them. Yellow and red potatoes have worked, but they probably don’t come out as crispy as russets. My favorite spices to use on these is a mix of salt, pepper, garlic powder, ginger powder, and coriander. The double baking really helps to make these crispy.

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