AI Art

August 24, 2021

A few days ago, I stumbled upon in some HN thread. I’ve looked into AI-based art generation before, and I’ve seen notebooks that attempt make it easy to run them. They never were that easy. The linked notebook, however, is easy. It’s using Google Colab, and it takes a text prompt and some settings, then it iteratively generates images using machine learning.

The results are strange, fascinating to watch over time, and wild at times. Here are some of my favorites ones.

A skull like a skill
Alien city
Alien plant
Box full of nightmares 2
Box full of nightmares
Can we talk
Forbidden city
Joy in a cup
Lizard robot
Mondrian princess mononoke
Plant illustrration
Plant in vase
Rainy night neon city 2
Rainy night neon city early
Rainy night neon city
Red planet volcano
Remote work
Tropical plant
Watercolor tianzi mountains
Watercolor tree
Watercolor tianzi mountains
generative art ai