jorgef's Engineering Ladders

August 8, 2022

jorgef has provided a generic ladder framework (Apache License 2.0) for engineering managers to “have meaningful conversations with their direct reports around the expectations of each position and how to plan for the next level in their career ladder.” It represents the somewhat common paths and levels for US tech companies.

I used DIRKMJK’s radial lollipop chart (MIT License) in D3.js and some dirty JS to make a radar-chart-like comparison for roles and levels. I’ve included jorgef’s ladders for the 4 roles and a small form to create your own.

Level Senior Developer Tech Lead Technical Program Manager Engineering Manager
1 No D1
2 No D2
3 No D3
4 Yes D4 TL4 TPM4
5 Yes D5 TL5 TPM5 EM5
6 Yes D6 TL6 TPM6 EM6
7 Yes D7 TL7 TPM7 EM7
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