September 22, 2022

DALL-E 2’s image editing and outpainting capabilities blow my mind. These are all generated from a prompt and then extended in DALL-E 2. Most are extended with the same prompt, but the tool does allow for erasing arbitrary portions and using different prompts per generation.

Adventuring party adventuring-party
Breakfast breakfast
Cat and crown cat-and-crown
Cowboys and stars cowboys-and-stars
Fermis fermis
Frog frog
Hummingbirds and wildflowers hummingbirds-and-wildflowers
Ice cream cone monsters ice-cream-cone-monsters
Isle of dread isle-of-dread
Mountain mountain
Old farmer old-farmer
Pink pool room pink-pool-room
Royal capybara royal-capybara
Science science
Space opera space-opera
Surrealist surrealist
T rex t-rex
Traffic jam traffic-jam
Typography typography
Watercolor fall leaves watercolor-fall-leaves
Witch witch
art ai dall-e2